Standard Coffee Trikes

Box Interior: 41" L | 21.5" W | 26" T · $3150-3500

Our standard Coffee Trike is 26" tall, 40" long, and 21.5" wide. Based on our standard cargo trike, the inside is tall enough for  beverage kegs and their attachments, and plenty of space for pressure tanks and vending supplies. Part of the lid is hinged and flips 180 degrees to form a serving area, and exposes a double shelf system that functions as a work surface as well as access to the inside of the trike when needed. The remainder of the lid holds a coffee tower. The entire lid as well as the front opens for loading, unloading, and cleaning.

Weight capacity is 260 pounds of cargo, 460 pounds including the rider (we also have heavier duty options on the Vending Trikes page). The trike itself is just under 32" wide, sized to fit through North American standard 36" doors. You can ride through your city's traffic, into pedestrian areas, and inside most buildings to reach your customers, wherever they are.